Rolling stock for Tunnel Boring

Vital Products

APHMEL has designed, manufactured and supplied the following varieties of trolleys for tunnel boring operations of 900 mm rail gauge. The Chassis of all the trolleys are manufactured from structural steel sections. Wheel assemblies are provided with compression springs to absorb shock loads. Each end of the trolley is equipped with rubber buffed couplers to absorb push and pull loads. Pneumatic brake system is also provided for the Train. The required air will be drawn from Locomotive engine.

Segment Trolleys: Designed to carry segments. The Trolleys are so designed with saddles on which the segments can be mounted comfortably. Load Carrying capacity is 25 Tons.

12m.Flat Trolleys: Designed to carry and transport rails, dry grout containers and other materials into the tunnel. Load carrying capacity is 30 Tons.

Dry Grout Bin: Designed to transport dry grout mix to back-up the segments. The grout bin is provided vibrators for free ? ow of the material towards downwards. Load capacity : 2 Cu. m Loaded weight: 3.6 Tons.

Men Transport Trolleys: Seating Capacity of the trolley is for 22 persons. One foldable stretcher provided to carry any injured person.

Pea gravel Trolleys with Hoppers: Designed to carry and transport Pea gravel hoppers with Pea gravel inside the tunnel. Load carrying capacity is 10.5 Tons.

Boom & basket Trolleys: This is useful for maintenance purpose.

Cable Drum Trolleys: Design to carry and transport cable drums in to the tunnel.

Ventilation Cassette trolley: The Trolley consists of a Tray in which Ventilation cassette box can be placed. Tray shift of 500 mm is provided to make easy installation of cassette in the tunnel. Carrying capacity is 7 Tons.

Segment Transfer trolleys: This trolley is used for transferring segments from segment plant to the segment trolley. It is so designed with Guided saddles on which the segments can be mounted comfortably. Movement of trolley attains by Geared Motors with brake. 2 Drives provided diagonally for both wheel axles. Gear drive is introduced for power transmission and maintaining of speed.