Man Riding Car system

Vital Products

This system is most useful and comfortable to transport the persons in underground mines.

Salient Features

  • The introduction of the system increases the effective utilization of man power and eliminate the drudgery of walking in uphill gradient of 1 in 4.
  • The prime mover of the system is Direct Hauler and the cars are moving on tracks.
  • Generally one Rope anchor car and one / two man riding cars are assembled together by means of safety chains and couplings.
  • The system is approved by DGMS and having many safety features like Over speed Trip, Emergency Brake, Service Brake, Signaling and Telephone communication System and Emergency brake in cars.

Technical Specification

Drive Power : 150 HP or 87 HP
Car Speed : 8 Kmph max.
Rope Size : Ø 26 mm
Maximum persons travel at a time : 84 [depending on gradient]
Operating Voltage of Hauler : 3.3 KV or 550V or 440V at 3 Ph 50 Hz

The mines where these systems were commissioned have achieved remarkable productivity and morale.

** Systems supplied by APHMEL to various mines of SCCL,WCL,MCL are in continuous operation.