Man Riding Chairlift System

Vital Products

This system is safe and comfortable for transporting persons fast in underground mines over long distances. The transportation includes mine gradients and curves.

Salient features

  • The system is used to increase the effective utilization of manpower and eliminate drudgery of walking in both gradients and levels of the mine.
  • Hydro mechanical drive system installed at the head of the system drives the wire rope at the appropriate speed.
  • Speed can be varied from 0 - 3 m/sec.
  • Curve stations which are suspend in transport section facilitate easy negotiation of curves.
  • The system is approved by DGMS and having many safety features like over speed limit, Hydraulic brake system, Telephonic communication system, Emergency pull cord system and Audio Visual alarm system.

Technical Specification

Length of installation : 2.5 Km Max.
Drive Power :

75 KW to 110 KW

[Depends on

Gradient and Distance]

Rope Size : Ø 16 mm
Rope Speed :

Maximum 3 mtrs

per second

Gradient Requirements :


Gradient 1 in 4

Negotiate of Curves : > 90°
Working Pressure : 210 Bar max.
Man riding capacity per hour : 720 persons
Operating Voltage :

550V / 440V AC 3 Ph. 50 Hz.

The mines where these systems were commissioned have achieved remarkable productivity and morale.

** Systems supplied by APHMEL to various mines of SCCL,WCL,MCL are in continuous operation.