Road Header AM-50

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Road Header AM-50 & Up graded AM-50


  • Road Header is used generally for forming Roadways for Long wall mining.
  • Making Tunnels through hills for Railways and Roadways.
  • For production purpose in underground mines for various minerals.

Road Header AM-50 & Up graded AM-50

  • Moderate purchase price and low operating cost, the machine's high rate of production and penetration ensure fast amortisation.
  • Selective mining with fully articulated cutter boom. This permits exact cutting of any required cross section without producing over break.
  • AM-50 permits bands and tenses of dead rock to be excavated separately. Thus, mixed faces of coal and stone can be worked without dif? culty.
  • The cutters rip almost in line with the machine's centre line.The reaction forces are easily offset by the machine's weight, thus dispensing with clamping arrangements.
  • Easy handling and maneuverability by only one man contribute to high rates of advance even under the most dif? cult working conditions.
  • Small overall dimensions and easy disassembly into small and light components facilitate the transport of the machine through narrow mine openings and shafts.
  • Availability of complete range of spares and backup by trained personnel.

Technical Specifi cation Of AM-50
Technical Specification Of AM-50
Overall height : 1645 mm
Overall length : 7500 mm
Overall width without loader head : 1910 mm
Total weight with std. loader head 2.5 m : 24 Tons approx.
Compressive strength of Coal and 50% clay : 80 Mpa
Advancing Speed : 5m/min
Maximum Passable gradient : ±16°
Ground Pressure under track : 13 N/Sq.cm
Total Power installed : 166 KW
Cutter Motor : 100 KW
Crawler Motors : 2x11 KW
Conveyor Motors : 2x11 KW
Pump Motor : 22 KW