Powered Roof Supports (R&D Project)

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Powered Roof Support (PRS) an import substitute


Long Wall (LW) mining is proved as the most ef? cient underground bulk coal production technology. But the following factors affect its performance.

  • High capital cost of imported long wall equipment leading to high interest and depreciation.
  • The lead time for supply of imported spares is between 18-24 months resulting in non-availability of proper spares in time for breakdown & overhauls and huge inventories need to be maintained
  • Earlier, long wall equipment packages were supplied from different OEMs from different countries. This non-standardisation of equipment again lead to high cost of inventory and ineffective training and familiarization.
  • Inappropriate support design for Indian geo-mining conditions.
Long wall technology is proved suitable for working deeper deposits and future mining would be in deeper deposits, Hence to bring down the cost of LW equipment, SCCL in association with DGMS has taken a lead in indigenisation of Powered Roof Support.

Accordingly an S&T project is formulated to develop LW PRS in collaboration with APHMEL.

Keeping in view the above, infrastructural facilities available in India and operating experience of SCCL, it is proposed to develop a 4 x 800T LW PRS under coal S&T project. Subsequently Ministry of coal has sanctioned the project for total cost of Rs 2.3 Crores

The support was manufactured at APHMEL and tested at M/s Jessops & Co, Kolkata as per Indian Coal Industry specifi cation No: 001, 1991 and the project was successfully completed.
Technical Speci?cation
Type : 4 Legged conventional Powered Roof Support
Capacity : 800 Tons
Web thickness : 0.60 / 0.90 m
Width of support : 1.5 m
Operating range : Closed- 2.3 m & Open-3.5 m
Legs Type : Single Telescopic Double Acting (STDA)
Length of Canopy : 3.2 m
Hydraulic control : Unitary
Control valves : Linear type with guaranteed positive set.
Dump valves : 120 Lpm
Test standards : As per ICIS 001/1991
Support Density : 148 T / Sq. mt
Working Pressure : 315 bar
Testing Pressure : 440 bar