Pre weigh loading System-Truck / Wagon

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Pre Weigh Bin Truck / Wagon Loading System


Design, Manufacture, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Pre-Weigh bin wagon loading system with 400 Cu.m Surge bunker and 80 Cu.m pre-weigh hopper bins in Coal handling plant. In motion loading of coal into moving wagons of different types.

Salient features

  • Designed for handling materials like coal, iron ore, pellet, lignite, etc
  • Variation in particle density and size can be handled.
  • Fail safe protection in case of power failure.
  • Very high operating speed is achieved by hydraulically operated system design.
  • Loading with +/- 0.5% of Target load.
  • Loading with +/- 0.05% weighing accuracy.
  • In case of sudden power failure, bunker discharge gate is retracted to close position, hence no spillage.
  • Specially designed hydraulic control for Instantaneous shut-off of the gate which is most important to eliminate the free fall of material. This will help assist in optimum loading of the truck.
  • More versatile towards type of truck.
  • Highly cost effective solution.
  • Makes uniform loading pro? le.
  • Effective -Dust control system.
  • Automated - operator attention greatly minimized, shipping container is completely ? lled quickly and ef? ciently.
  • Provides collision protection of chute from truck.

Control system is designed in Windows based software

  • Overall PLC Control and Automation of the system.
  • Very fast completion of loading.
  • Visual monitoring of operations.
  • User speci? ed loading reports for records and billing purpose on Shift / Day or Weekly / Month wise.

Technical Speci?cation

Surge bunker capacity : 400 Cu.m for Wagon Loading and 150 Cu.m for truck Loading
Material to be loaded : Crushed coal of < 200mm size
Bulk density of coal : 0.8 T/Cu.m, about 15% moisture content
Rate of wagon/truck Loading : 1000-1200 TPH/500 TPH