Idlers Manufacturing Facilities

Idlers Manufacturing Facilities

  • In order to ensure the quality of Troughing idlers, Return idlers, Impact idlers and other products, APHMEL established a strict quality control system.
  • Idlers are tested for "Water proof, Dust proof, and Friction factor" as per Idlers Inspection Standards.
  • Capable to produce 3 km of intermediate sections per month ie. 1000 units each of 3 m sections.

Idlers Manufacturing Facilities
TWIN HEAD PIPE BORING MACHINE- for concentric boring of both ends of pipe at a time with accuracy of 0.1 mm   PIPE CUTTING BAND SAW MACHINE- for cutting Idler Pipes of
maximum diameter 250mm with accuracy of 0.5 mm
Idlers Manufacturing Facilities CYLINDRICAL GRINDING
MACHINE- for grinding
bearing diameter of idler
shaft with accuracy of